What do you need? When do you need it?

With a diverse set of skills and an unusual range of experience I bring unique input to any project. Not only can I focus on specific tasks and objectives, but I can also understand the big picture. If necessary, I can even create the big picture.

I learn fast and I'm easy to work with. I can operate independently or leave my ego at home and collaborate as part of a team.

I always deliver original copy. And I never miss a deadline. As a former daily newspaper reporter I thrive on deadlines.

So, let me exceed your expectations. Whether it's ghostwriting, editing, reviewing your manuscript, sculpting a winning book proposal, blogging, or business consulting-I can bring a fresh perspective to your undertaking.


Are you a busy business leader who doesn't have time to write your own story? Maybe your company needs a corporate history? Or you have a gripping personal life experience, an autobiography that needs to be put into words and shared with the world? Let me bring your story to life. I can be your voice. I can capture what you want to say.

Manuscript Review

You've created a first draft. But does it really flow? Does it have the right structure? Are some of those paragraphs and segues a bit clumsy? When you need an objective and fresh pair of eyes…that's where I come into the picture. I'll give you an honest critique so that your end product will be the best that it can be.

Book Proposals

When your book is ready to be presented to a publisher you'll need a proposal that hits all of the hot buttons. What makes your book so special? Why are readers going to clamor to buy it? I'll create a compelling proposal that gives an overview of your book, a chapter-by-chapter breakdown, sample chapter, author bio, and, most important of all, a marketing strategy that will appeal to publishers.


Perhaps you're a scientist or an academic and you know your words need to be translated for the lay public? You've written a book or an article or a script or a blog? Maybe you've created a website? Whatever the project, you know your work is missing something and quite possibly isn't grammatically correct. Whatever the format, I can apply the polish to make your words shine.


I've written blogs on all manner of subjects. Health. Business. Education. Travel. Motivational blogs. Serious blogs. Tongue-in-cheek blogs. For owners of entrepreneurial start-ups and the CEO of a major international internet marketing company. For doctors. For academics. For companies and individuals on four continents. I can write blogs for you.

Business consultancy

Why's a writer offering business consultancy services? Because I've been there and done that. I've had a roller-coaster entrepreneurial career helping to build three $30 million-a-year businesses in the UK and the USA. I've spearheaded sales and marketing campaigns that led to expansion into more than 20 countries and more than a billion dollars in total retail sales. I've developed groundbreaking promotional strategies. Whatever service you require you get the benefit of someone who's handled exponential growth and seen the downside, too.

I can provide any of the following services in a professional and timely manner.

• Articles
• Autobiographies and memoirs
• Blogs/social media
• Books and EBooks
• Business consultancy
• Editing and rewriting
• Ghostwriting
• Press releases
• Social media
• Strategic marketing
• Website content

"Expert work with raw clay that only a master of his craft can produce."
Rick Myers, Founder, DFR Asia, China